Currently in Development
  • Rhoda Uxbridge and The Multiverse is a 15 min sci-fi adventure with steampunk elements. The film follows Rhoda, a dealer of all sorts, travelling across parallel Earths, on a quest for the most wanted thing in the multiverse.
    More info on the Film's Blog
  • Great Minds is a 30 min sci-fi dramedy. Time traveller from 2513, Drum Hoxton, arrives in modern day London to meet the Greatest Mind of the 21st Century. Working behind the counter of an East London hip café, Rachel Bloom has no idea how weird her day is about to become. Scheduled for production in 2013.
  • The first feature length drama from Inappropriate Factory, tells the story of a group of artist friends turning thirty and coming to terms with the fact that they still haven't become the people they set out to be. Scheduled for production in 2014.
Selected Works
Our Films
"Nowhere, E1"
Short Film (2012)

Running Time: 10 min
Genre: Atmospheric Horror
Cast: Milton Lopes, Patricia Martins, Robert Goodman.

Synopsis: During their honeymoon in London, a young Portuguese couple gets lost somewhere in the East End. It's getting dark, there's no one around and there's something happening to the streets… 
Key Crew: Nadia de Castro (Writer/Director) Tina J Bowman (Producer) Robin Whenary (Director of Photography) Fábio Miguel Campos (Editor/VFX Supervisor)
"Be The Artist"
Mofilm / Adobe Commercial (2012)

Running Time: 50 sec
Genre: Commercial
Cast: Alfred Camp, Nathaniel Francis, Tessa Hart, Stefan Berci.

Key Crew: Nadia de Castro (Writer/Director) Tina J Bowman (Writer/Producer) Sophie Shaw (Director of Photography) Ni Wen (Costume Supervisor) Florencia Grau (Costume Assistant) Chen Wissotzky (Music)
Short Film (2011)

Running Time: 1:14 min
Genre: Poetry Film
Cast: Nelson Nina, Sophie Anderson, Alexander Theoarous.

Synopsis: A young Elf abandons the North Pole for a new life in East London. 
Key Crew: Nadia de Castro (Director) Tina J Bowman (Writer/Producer) Sophie Shaw (Director of Photography) Chen Wissotzky (Music)
Short Film (2011)

Running Time: 5 min
Genre: Drama
Cast: Sophie Anderson, Daryl Arambhan, Marie-France Alvarez, Abrahan Arsis Luque, Kieran Hennigan.

Synopsis: Graphic designer, Jo, is struck by apathy when her alternative world seems to be becoming mainstream. However, she is about to stumble upon a whole new Brick Lane. 
Key Crew: Nadia de Castro (Writer/Director) Tina J Bowman (Writer/Producer) John Pugh (Director of Photography) Lois Jones (Sound Recordist) Guillem Serrano (Editor) Samantha Brooks (Music)
Short Film (2010)

Running Time: 5 min
Genre: Drama
Cast: Marc Barnes, David Frampton, Zoe Wellman.

Synopsis: The search for a lost memory in one man's mind, told through visual metaphors. 
Key Crew: Nadia de Castro (Writer/Director) Tina J Bowman (Producer) Trishul Thejasvi (Director of Photography) Haider J Ali (Sound Recordist) Owen Marshall (Editor) Cicely Goulder (Music)
Who We Are
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Inappropriate Factory was dreamt up in 2010 over sausage and mash in East London.

Tina writes and produces, Nadia writes and directs. Together, we do what we do best: we tell stories.

We believe in entertaining people, making them dream and wonder, ask questions and laugh.

Our films are visually striking East London tales with a pinch of sci-fi and eccentricity.

We are on a journey to become an established independent production company, with an original and engaging slate of short and feature films.
Nadia de Castro
Writer & Director
Tina J. Bowman
Writer & Producer
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